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While relationships start out romantically, if they end, they end badly. The relationships that do make it are the ones that avoid the following relationship breakers:

Continuous criticism: Once the newness of the relationship wears off, lots of couples begin showing who they really are. They find out that they don’t have tons in common after all and start to criticize each other constantly. This is going to end the relationship.

Lying: No matter what size the lie is, it has the power to bring your relationship tumbling down. Once a lie is told, the trust is broken and the relationship may be, too.

Cheating: Everyone has a different definition of cheating. It may be flirting for some or going out for coffee with an ex. All couples should discuss what their definition of flirting is to keep this from ending a relationship.

Snooping: Avoid snooping and spying on your partner. If you suspect them of something, ask them directly because if you’re caught spying on them, your relationship will probably be over.

Jealousy and Obsession: While a little jealousy and possessiveness can be healthy in a relationship, going overboard with either or both can drive a wedge between couples.

Talking about exes: Bringing the past into the present is never a good idea. When you’re in a relationship, you should focus only on that present relationship and not keep talking about your exes. This is particularly true if you’re constantly talking about how much you loved your ex and how much you miss them. Your new relationship may not last very long with this type of behavior.

Communication issues: Communication is vital to keep any relationship on track. As long as you can talk about anything that comes up, then you’ve got a great chance at a successful relationship. However, a lack of communication will kill any relationship.

Taking each other for granted: When a romance first starts, couples make a point to remember such things as birthdays and anniversaries of every little thing. But the longer a couple are together, those special days sort of fade away. This leads to taking each other for granted, which leads to disinterest and a breakup.

Routines: Routines can be either good or bad, depending on how you look at them. They can bring security into your relationship while also being a precursor to boredom.

Sexual dissatisfaction: Sex may not be everything when it comes to a relationship but it’s a very important part. In fact, it’s such an important part that if you’re not enjoying sex with each other, then the relationship is headed for the dumpster. Sexual compatibility doesn’t have to be perfect to keep a relationship intact, but it does need to be an issue that can be compromised on and worked on, if needed. If it can’t be worked on, then one or both partners may be looking for someone they ARE compatible with.

Most problems that can cause a relationship to be destroyed are related. Therefore, if you can solve one problem, those others might just magically vanish.

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